MLK: Beyond Vietnam to Ukraine

In April 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered an eloquent and stirring denunciation of the Vietnam war and US militarism. The speech titled "Beyond Vietnam" is relevant to today’s war in Ukraine. In the speech at Riverside Church, King talked about how the US had supported France in trying to re-colonize Vietnam. He noted, "Before … Continue reading “MLK: Beyond Vietnam to Ukraine”

Lessons from Vietnam for Ukraine

In April 1965, U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) explained why he was escalating US involvement in Vietnam. With an Orwellian touch, LBJ titled the speech "Peace without Conquest" as he announced the beginning of US air attacks on Vietnam. He explained that "We must fight if we are to live in a world where … Continue reading “Lessons from Vietnam for Ukraine”

Handling International Crises: From JFK to Biden

There are significant parallels between the international crises in Cuba in 1962 and Ukraine today. Both involved intense confrontations between the USA and the Soviet Union or Russia. Both involved third party countries on the doorstep of a major power. The Cuban Missile Crisis threatened to lead to WW3, just as the Ukraine crisis does … Continue reading “Handling International Crises: From JFK to Biden”

Ukraine Is a Pawn on the Grand Chessboard

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard was published 25 years ago. His assumptions and strategies for maintaining U.S. global dominance have been hugely influential in US foreign policy. As the conflict in Ukraine evolves, with the potential of escalating into world war, we can see where this policy leads and how crucial it is to … Continue reading “Ukraine Is a Pawn on the Grand Chessboard”

Fabricating Putin Quotes and Banning Paraplegic Athletes To Undermine Russia

Mobilizing a population to vilify and hate a targeted enemy is a tactic that leaders have used since before the dawn of human history, and it is being used to demonize Russia and Vladimir Putin in the current conflict. If we want to join the march to war, we can join the hate fest. But … Continue reading “Fabricating Putin Quotes and Banning Paraplegic Athletes To Undermine Russia”

Rand Report Prescribed US Provocations Against Russia and Predicted Russia Might Retaliate In Ukraine

According to a 2019 Rand report titled "Overextending and Unbalancing Russia", the US goal is to undermine Russia just as it did the Soviet Union in the cold war. Rather than "trying to stay ahead" or trying to improve the US domestically or in international relations, the emphasis is on efforts and actions to undermine … Continue reading “Rand Report Prescribed US Provocations Against Russia and Predicted Russia Might Retaliate In Ukraine”

How the US Instigated the Ukraine Crisis

Introduction Russia has sent troops into Ukraine and attacked Ukrainian military forces. In a one hour address, President Putin said the goal was the "de-Nazification" of Ukraine. It is now clear the Russian statements and proposed peace treaty in December 2021 were deadly serious. At that time the Russians said the US and NATO were … Continue reading “How the US Instigated the Ukraine Crisis”

Why Victoria Nuland Is Dangerous and Should Not Be Confirmed

Victoria Nuland exemplifies the neocons who have led US foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years while evading accountability. It is a bad sign that President Joe Biden has nominated Victoria Nuland for the third highest position at the State Department, Under Secretary for Political Affairs. As a top-level appointee, … Continue reading “Why Victoria Nuland Is Dangerous and Should Not Be Confirmed”

Who To Believe About Venezuela’s Election?

In early December I traveled to Venezuela to be an election observer at their national assembly election. I was part of a group of eight persons from Canada and US organized by CodePink. There were about two hundred international observers in total, including the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts. I have previously been an … Continue reading “Who To Believe About Venezuela’s Election?”

How USA and Turkey Plunder and Loot Syria With Impunity

While President Trump lashes out at rioting and looting in Portland and Kenosha, half way around the world, the USA and Turkey are plundering and looting Syria on a vastly greater scale with impunity and little publicity. Turkey Loots Syria, then Disrupts Safe Water Supply Turkey has been plundering the Syrian infrastructure for years. Beginning … Continue reading “How USA and Turkey Plunder and Loot Syria With Impunity”