It Is Time for Neutralism

Bruce Fein is right about NATO, but that is only a partial solution In a November 25, 2022 article in The Hill, he came out for leaving the alliance. The man is a well-known lawyer and was with the Justice Department in the Reagan administration. Attorney Fein makes the case well that NATO’s raison d’ … Continue reading “It Is Time for Neutralism”

The Vindication of Harry Browne… Again

On January 27, 2000 in an email during his 2000 campaign for the American presidency, the late Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne wrote, “Today we have a strong national offense (the ability to blow any country to smithereens) and a weak national defense (the inability to defend against any two-bit dictator who gets his hands … Continue reading “The Vindication of Harry Browne… Again”

Oh No! Bob Kaplan Says Now It’s Moldova

Robert Kaplan is worried about Moldova. He didn’t come out and say it, but it almost felt like he was going to do a full on McCain and claim "We’re all Moldovans now." The place sounds like a mess. His July 9, 2014 piece, originally in Stratfor, titled Why Moldova Urgently Matters certainly makes one … Continue reading “Oh No! Bob Kaplan Says Now It’s Moldova”

Deja Russia All Over Again

Rarely is daytime TV on in our house and C-Span is little more serious than other fare with sinecuristas and wonks and bureaucrats declaiming how with just one more tranche of moolah no child will be left behind nor suffer bullying or some other curse. Passing by the ignored screen, my ears perked up as … Continue reading “Deja Russia All Over Again”