The ‘Successful’ Post-World War II Model for Iraq

The Bush administration says that this war on Iraq will not repeat the failure of Vietnam, but rather it will repeat the successful outcome of World War II (WW2). The administration has oft repeated that US postwar occupation of Iraq will follow the model of the successful US occupation of Germany and Japan. The administration … Continue reading “The ‘Successful’ Post-World War II Model for Iraq”

Will the Real Hitler Please Stand Up?

President Bush is justifying his proposed pre-emptive war against Iraq on the grounds that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, and that this dangerous dictator has ties to the international terrorists, Al Qaeda. Some say that this U.S. justification for pre-emptive war is unprecedented in U.S. history. But whether or not that is true, such … Continue reading “Will the Real Hitler Please Stand Up?”

Will War Aid Bush’s Re-election?

President Bush’s popularity among American voters remains high, thanks primarily to his new and improved status as a wartime president. As he and his administration realize this fact, they accordingly plan to extend his status by escalating the war against terrorism into Iraq, and throughout the Moslem world. Their obvious political calculation is that if … Continue reading “Will War Aid Bush’s Re-election?”

Who Are The Real Traitors?

The minority of Americans opposed to the U.S. war in Afghanistan is increasingly being told by the warhawk majority that antiwar sentiment is tantamount to treason. One noteworthy example of this sort of foreboding accusation is being disseminated by the famous conservative pundit, David Horowitz, as was reported recently by Justin Raimondo. Horowitz’s accusation follows … Continue reading “Who Are The Real Traitors?”

From Infinite Justice to Infinite Jihad

All the media coverage and commentary has neglected to ask the big question: why is it or how is it that the new U.S. war will differ from the Soviet experience in Afghanistan? That 1980-88 war was labeled by many Americans as the "Soviets’ Vietnam," which raises yet another current glaring omission, that being a … Continue reading “From Infinite Justice to Infinite Jihad”

The First Casualty

This first week of the war has produced a rare unity between the Republicans and the Democrats on Capitol Hill. Every war in U.S. history began with something very close to political unity, and each war progressed at different rates toward different degrees of Congressional dissent. Only time will tell how long it will take … Continue reading “The First Casualty”