Flashback: Rep. Bereuter’s Statement of October 2002

Excerpt from a statement Rep. Doug Bereuter made on the floor of the House of Representatives on Oct. 8, 2002: "As the House takes this extraordinarily important step, fully mindful that Congress in passing the resolution authorizes putting members of the U.S. Armed Services in harm’s way, and recognizing no citizen in this country is … Continue reading “Flashback: Rep. Bereuter’s Statement of October 2002”

GOP Congressman: War Was a Mistake

It is a painful and disturbing process, but America and everyone involved in the decision-making and oversight process (the Executive Branch and Congress) must learn from the errors and failures related to waging a war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the aftermath of that war. The toll in American military casualties and those of civilians, … Continue reading “GOP Congressman: War Was a Mistake”