The March on Damascus: A New Epoch Unfolds

The epochal Israeli bombing inside Syria on October 05 has practically rendered the 1974 Disengagement Agreement between the two countries irrelevant. By bombing the purportedly ‘militant training camp’, as portrayed by Israel, near Damascus, the latest act of antagonism flustered the already frantic world media, who were struck as much as the Syrians by the … Continue reading “The March on Damascus: A New Epoch Unfolds”

Lie and Conquer

The British Empire, at the peak of its expansion, was credited for developing the "divide and conquer" military strategy. I wonder how history will remember the United States’ imperialist policies – "lie and conquer"? Perhaps. "September 11 has changed the world" we are constantly reminded. That was a lie. The truth was that a "new … Continue reading “Lie and Conquer”

War on Iraq Double Disaster for Palestinians

In the case of an American war on Iraq, Palestinians will not be watching for a "smart bomb" heading their way, but for the Israeli army forcing them out of their homes. This possibility is of greater danger that one might think. It is seldom that the international community has stood in the face of … Continue reading “War on Iraq Double Disaster for Palestinians”

Why the War on Iraq is Just Not Working Out

There were many good reasons for the successful "coalition" formed in 1990-91 to remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait. None of these reasons are present in today’s argument presented by the United States to attack Iraq. The US administration seems unable or unwilling to understand how different the Middle East has become in the last ten … Continue reading “Why the War on Iraq is Just Not Working Out”