Dirty Bomb – Not

Jose Padilla was arrested two years ago at O’Hare International Airport by the FBI on a “material witness” warrant. Padilla was alleged to have met with senior al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan and Pakistan, received training in the use of high explosives, and sent back to the United States “to reconnoiter potential sites” for detonating a … Continue reading “Dirty Bomb – Not”

Internet Nukes

Two years ago Jose Padilla was arrested for allegedly being sent back here by al-Qaeda "to reconnoiter potential sites" for detonating a radiological dispersal device – sometimes referred to as a "dirty bomb." President Bush promptly designated Padilla an "enemy combatant" and he has been confined to a military prison ever since. Because the issue … Continue reading “Internet Nukes”

What Really Caused Tenet’s Departure?

If you thought the neo-crazies had lost control over President Bush, think again. A neo-crazy delegation – headed by Richard Perle – marched up to the White House last week and demanded that Bush fire Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) George Tenet. Quoth Perle, “There is a smear campaign under way, and it is being … Continue reading “What Really Caused Tenet’s Departure?”

C’est la Guerre

When President Bush declared War on Terrorism, he pledged to prevent regimes – such as North Korea, Iran and Iraq – from providing chemical, biological or nuclear weapons to terrorists. Of course, Iran and Iraq had both developed chem-bio weapons and had used them against each other in the Iran-Iraq War. And, in the aftermath … Continue reading “C’est la Guerre”

Gulf War III

American Likudniks have been “examining” the consequences to our national security of an Israeli preemptive strike against certain Iranian facilities and programs, all now subject to an International Atomic Energy Agency Safeguards Agreement. Whenever President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon get together, they invariably discuss Iran’s “nuclear weapons programs.” “It would be intolerable for … Continue reading “Gulf War III”

When Intelligence Is Disinformation

During the Cold War, Soviet intelligence agencies sometimes provided us "disinformation" – false information, intended to obscure the truth. Hence, there were frequently sharp differences of opinion within our own intelligence community as to whether or not information provided to us by Soviet "traitors-in-place" and/or "defectors" was genuine intelligence or disinformation. Now, anyone who provides … Continue reading “When Intelligence Is Disinformation”

Tenet’s ‘Slam-Dunk’

Ernest Hemingway once defined “sin” as “something you feel bad about, afterwards.” On the evidence presented in Richard Clarke’s “Against All Enemies,” and in Bob Woodward’s “Plan of Attack,” Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet ought to have a terminal case of the feel-bads. There are sins of omission. If DCI Tenet knew in the … Continue reading “Tenet’s ‘Slam-Dunk’”

Neo-Crazy Coup d’Etat

Perhaps you haven’t noticed – certainly the neo-crazies hope you haven’t – but we have just experienced a coup d’etat. What’s a “coup d’etat“? Well, according to Edward Luttwak, author of Coup D’etat: A Practical Handbook, “A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then … Continue reading “Neo-Crazy Coup d’Etat”