Nuclear Heat Grows Over Iran

JERUSALEM – When Israel dispatched F-16 bombers almost 24 years ago to destroy Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor in Osirak, the pilots knew they only had to hit a single target. Were Israeli or U.S. planes to be sent today to neutralize Iran’s nuclear program, the mission would be far more complicated: with Iranian facilities spread … Continue reading “Nuclear Heat Grows Over Iran”

Reason for Optimism in Palestine?

JERUSALEM – The signs have been so surprisingly positive that they elicited upbeat assessments even from some of Israel’s more circumspect leaders. "We are witness to the beginning of positive developments on the Palestinian side," Israel’s military chief, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon, said over the weekend. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz added Sunday that "the year … Continue reading “Reason for Optimism in Palestine?”

Gaza Killings Cast a Long Shadow

Jerusalem – The Palestinian militant groups who carried out the attack Thursday night in the Gaza Strip that killed six Israeli civilians said they had been planning the assault for weeks. But the timing is not coincidental: it is the first major challenge by armed groups to the newly elected Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Close … Continue reading “Gaza Killings Cast a Long Shadow”

Now Comes the Hard Part for Abbas

JERUSALEM – Mahmoud Abbas must have unleashed a great sigh of relief when the results of the Palestinian election were announced Monday and it became clear he had won over 60 percent of the vote – a result he can present as a broad, popular mandate. But the electioneering was the easy part. Whether the … Continue reading “Now Comes the Hard Part for Abbas”

‘Hello, I’m Israeli-Palestinian’

Ali Jarbawi has long seen the creation of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side, as the best solution to the Middle East conflict. But the professor of political science from Bir Zeit university in the West Bank is not sure any more. Jarbawi believes the two-state solution is on the verge of … Continue reading “‘Hello, I’m Israeli-Palestinian’”

Israel Out of Gaza? Not so Fast

Since taking office three years ago, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has made a series of bold political pronouncements, especially for a right-wing prime minister. But questions have arisen over what he meant before, and what he means this time. Sharon has said in the past that he is willing to make "painful compromises" for peace. … Continue reading “Israel Out of Gaza? Not so Fast”