Iranians Are Not Our Enemies

“We were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night,” Donald Trump tweeted about Iran on June 21, showing us just how close we are to yet another war. In light of the shooting down of a U.S spy drone, the tanker incidents just a few days prior, and a trajectory of other escalatory moves, Secretary … Continue reading “Iranians Are Not Our Enemies”

The $110 Billion Myth of Supporting Saudi Arabia’s Defense Needs

Amidst a range of domestic controversies and the pushback against his agenda and actions, President Trump went back to one of his default personas, that of a self-proclaimed dealmaker "strongly protecting American interests." During his trip to Saudi Arabia, President Trump signed an almost $ 110 billion arms deal supposedly in support of Saudi Arabia’s … Continue reading “The $110 Billion Myth of Supporting Saudi Arabia’s Defense Needs”