Settlers Anchoring Into West Bank

BETHLEHEM – Israeli forces began Wednesday to bulldoze hundreds of trees on land owned by a Catholic convent near the city of Beit Jala near Bethlehem. This section of forest is being razed, according to Israeli plans, to complete a section of the separation wall, which continues to carve the West Bank into pieces. Near … Continue reading “Settlers Anchoring Into West Bank”

US Backing for Fatah Stirs New Conflict

with Jon Elmer GAZA CITY – Explosions, fierce gunfights and ambulance sirens ripped through the Gaza strip again Thursday, only two days after a ceasefire ended a bloody week of factional fighting that left more than 30 Palestinians dead. As night fell on Gaza, the death toll was at six, with more than 60 wounded. … Continue reading “US Backing for Fatah Stirs New Conflict”

Israel’s Economic Stranglehold a Silent Killer

BETHLEHEM, Palestine – Over the last year, Palestinians have faced a siege that has taken its toll in every city across the West Bank and Gaza. It is not a siege of missiles and gunfire, but a calculated attack on the backbone of the entire occupied territories. Through the Israeli, US and European move to … Continue reading “Israel’s Economic Stranglehold a Silent Killer”