Europe: Divorce the US Military

Almost five years on from "Operation Iraqi Freedom," the neocon dreams of imperial conquest have hit the buffers. Despite the lies about the "surge" being a great success, Iraq remains in chaos: in the first week of February alone over 200 people have been killed in the violence. In Afghanistan the situation from the neocons’ … Continue reading “Europe: Divorce the US Military”

False Prophets

A national newspaper recently ran an entertaining piece on some of the most wrong-headed predictions of modern times. There was Margaret Thatcher’s 1972 claim that “there will not be a woman prime minister in my lifetime." And Ken Olsen’s 1977 prediction that “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." But … Continue reading “False Prophets”

Grand Coalition

“What is lacking today is a permanent, populist, broad-based political force to challenge the worldview of the serial globalizers and the advocates of endless war. The Peace Party can be that force. The global crisis we face today makes the old Left-Right arguments over public ownership and tax rates irrelevant. Let’s have those debates later, … Continue reading “Grand Coalition”

Condemning the Killers Is Not Enough

Direct responsibility for Thursday’s terrorist outrages in London lies, of course, with those who planted the bombs. Ultimate responsibility is another matter. In the aftermath of the carnage – only one British MP, the rebel antiwar activist George Galloway, has sought to hold the prime minister to account for turning our capital city into a … Continue reading “Condemning the Killers Is Not Enough”