Their Headchoppers and Ours

The colorful term “headchoppers” has been recently used to describe a barbaric national movement that relies on literally chopping off heads to quell dissent and intimidate the population. Like the recent terms “show runner” (for TV producer) or “shot caller” (for prison gang leader) this expression captures the basic actions of those whom it describes. … Continue reading “Their Headchoppers and Ours”

Republican Speaks at Crawford Texas Antiwar Protest

Organizers of the March 20 Crawford, Texas Peace Rally wanted to broaden their line up from the usual antiwar sources to include clergy, antiwar military veterans and their families, and yes, even an antiwar Republican. It was for the latter reason that I was one of the few, if not only Republican Party speakers at … Continue reading “Republican Speaks at Crawford Texas Antiwar Protest”