What War Films Never Show You

Newspapers on the other side of the world are calling it “the biggest U.S. cinema event of all time.” Critical acclaim has poured in from all corners for the BBC production They Shall Not Grow Old, a technical and emotional masterpiece on the First World War – the war Woodrow Wilson said would “make the … Continue reading “What War Films Never Show You”

Veterans’ Group Says ‘No’ to Emmy for PBS Vietnam War Series

A national veterans’ organization is weighing in on this year’s Emmy awards with a full-page ad in Variety, saying Ken Burns and Lynne Novick’s "Vietnam War" series does not deserve a "Best Documentary" award. Veterans For Peace (VFP), headquartered in St. Louis, with 175 chapters in the US and six overseas, will run the Variety … Continue reading “Veterans’ Group Says ‘No’ to Emmy for PBS Vietnam War Series”

CIA’s ‘Torture Taxi’ in the Spotlight

Ft. Benning, Ga. – Sitting in a Georgia motel Saturday night, Kathy Kelly talked through a bad phone connection and a worse head cold to recount the previous day’s activities, when she and 13 others were arrested at an airstrip outside Raleigh, N.C. The tiny Johnston County Airport is home to Aero Contractors Corp., a … Continue reading “CIA’s ‘Torture Taxi’ in the Spotlight”

Waiting for the Outside World

In the "old days" of the U.S. peace movement, when many people focused on the threat of a global nuclear "exchange" an organization called Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) postulated what would happen if a major American city was actually blasted by an atomic bomb. The doctors described utterly horrific scenarios extending far beyond the … Continue reading “Waiting for the Outside World”

Addressing the Persuadable Middle

When a U.S. Marine company used downtown Toledo for "urban warfare" training Jan. 7-8, it provided an opportunity for activists to think and act beyond normal limits. With barely a week’s notice, an article in the local paper announced that a weapons company of the 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Reserves would spend a weekend running … Continue reading “Addressing the Persuadable Middle”

Canada Wins Battle of Toledo

TOLEDO – The Canadian government, unhappy for many years with Washington’s belligerent foreign policy and fearful of its massive weapons stockpiles, decided last year to invade the U.S., seizing oil refineries and manufacturing plants, and establishing "regime change" to the delight of many of its neighbors to the south. Canadian officials decided that Toledo, home … Continue reading “Canada Wins Battle of Toledo”

Veterans Demand End to Occupation

BOSTON – As military veterans wrangle over whom to support for president, one veterans’ organization has fired a shot across the bow of whoever will occupy the White House next year. Over 400 Veterans for Peace (VFP) members gathered last weekend in Boston for the organization’s annual convention, hearing from Daniel Ellsberg, historian Howard Zinn, … Continue reading “Veterans Demand End to Occupation”