Who’s Against a Ban on
Fissile Material?

In 2005, Mohamed ElBaradei was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding work in the international control of nuclear weapons. In 2003, ElBaradei had proposed a verifiable ban on the production of weapons-grade fissile material – a positive move that would severely limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons. In a vote of the Disarmament … Continue reading “Who’s Against a Ban on
Fissile Material?”

Top UK Brass Plan for US Strike on Iran

Immediately after Condoleezza Rice’s visit to the north of England for a series of secret meetings and public appearances with Foreign Minister Jack Straw, the UK top brass held their own secret meeting Monday in London to prepare Britain for what they now describe as the "inevitable" U.S. military strike against Iran. Chief of the … Continue reading “Top UK Brass Plan for US Strike on Iran”