Kerry’s Entangling Alliances

Americans who oppose the war in Iraq find it easy to hold President Bush in contempt – as they should, considering his deceptive and disastrous wars that have killed thousands. What’s harder is finding much to like in John Kerry. Most antiwar American voters will probably pull the lever for Kerry – or, more accurately, … Continue reading “Kerry’s Entangling Alliances”

Jimmy Carter Is Right

Former president Jimmy Carter recently issued a gutsy call on the U.S. government to pull out of Iraq as soon as possible. While a distinct minority in Congress has voiced this sentiment, it’s refreshing to hear an ex-president say what almost no one else in the political mainstream dares say. Even many in the “antiwar” … Continue reading “Jimmy Carter Is Right”

The Free Market vs. the Draft

Coerced military conscription – also known as the draft – is perhaps the single most anti-freedom action governments regularly take against their own citizens. The draft represses indiscriminately by directly stealing not only the "treasure" of our citizens, but also by taking years of their precious time and – in many cases – their lives. … Continue reading “The Free Market vs. the Draft”