Civil Liberties Myopia

So when did the assault on Americans’ civil liberties get jump-started? The current liberal establishment seems to deem 9/11 the chief catalyst. Many of the most loathsome specimens within this haughty club imply that drastic incursions on Americans’ civil liberties only began after 9/11, while the Clinton administration represented a civil-liberties paradise. Take John Kerry … Continue reading “Civil Liberties Myopia”

Kerry and Genocide: Know What You Are Voting For

Soon the tallies will be rolling in, and those who cast a vote for John Kerry in hopes of altering the U.S. foreign policy paradigm will have wasted their energy. What the mainstream media and others have failed to disclose this election season is that one of Senator Kerry’s key foreign policy advisors, Richard Holbrooke, … Continue reading “Kerry and Genocide: Know What You Are Voting For”