A Requiem for Gonzoconservatism

And so their great scheme, the subjugation and democratization of Iraq, has failed; and all that is left for them is the fate due all fanatical ideologues – to either desert the sinking ship like rats, or else fight among each other like scorpions. They have sown the dragon’s teeth; and the stone having been … Continue reading “A Requiem for Gonzoconservatism”

Gonzocons Erase History

Oh, to be a gonzocon in denial! Has National Review online (NRO) become the National Backward Glance? Are all the rah-rah warmongers and Star Trek fans on "The Corner" beginning to feel the breath of history down the backs of their necks? Or, to paraphrase Tolkien, is Smeagol losing his nerve? Why, ragin’ Rich Lowry … Continue reading “Gonzocons Erase History”

The Gonzocon Terror Lie

Excuse me if I sound irritable, but according to the gonzocons, I should by now be under a pile of smoking rubble. We’re having the British general election today. On Sept. 25 last year, gonzocon spiritual director Michael Novak gushingly reported the pearls of wisdom that the disgraced liar and now thankfully ex-prime minister of … Continue reading “The Gonzocon Terror Lie”

The Gonzocons Live On

Whoever said Hunter S. Thompson was dead? You wouldn’t believe it for a moment if you were wading through the paranoia and zaniness festering in the mind of Michael Ledeen. But while the Mad Monk of 17th Street is chewing the carpet at the thought of washing clean the filthy domains, the similarities between the … Continue reading “The Gonzocons Live On”