Gonzales Gone Wild

On Feb. 6, 2006, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales launched a convoluted attack on the Fourth Amendment before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This assault on the meaning of the Fourth Amendment is, in my estimation, the biggest leap forward for totalitarianism in this country. The following is an excerpt from Alberto Gonzales’ Fourth Amendment catechism … Continue reading “Gonzales Gone Wild”

Saddam’s Gone – Why Aren’t We?

When Saddam was first captured, the accolades bestowed upon Mr. Bush were empirical proof enough for me that there would be a permanent presence of U.S. troops in Iraq. The successful snatching of Saddam was enough to validate the entire unconstitutional war in the minds of many Americans. Critics of the war were told to … Continue reading “Saddam’s Gone – Why Aren’t We?”

R.I.P. Sykes-Picot

As outlined in Project for the New American Century’s statement on post-war Iraq, the geopolitical objectives of the Carlucci-Woolsey-Kristol Pax Americana include complete disarmament of the Iraqis, the maintenance of “territorial integrity,” and the installation of a state. I believe that all three of these objectives can be easily discredited with careful consideration. We have … Continue reading “R.I.P. Sykes-Picot”

The Neocon-Liberal Left’s Geopolitical Agenda

Once you are able to comprehend the geopolitical agenda of the beltway policy wonks for the Middle East, it should become transparent how incestuous the relationship between the neoconservative left and the liberal left really is. You should also be equipped to forecast exactly what is going to transpire in the Middle East. In fact, … Continue reading “The Neocon-Liberal Left’s Geopolitical Agenda”