‘Conservatives’ Condemn Freedom of the Press

The folks at the Weakly Substandard have joined the ranks of “conservatives” calling for a crackdown on journalists who “leak” national security “secrets.” In an essay entitled “Leaks and the Law,” Gabriel Schoenfeld tries to make “the case for prosecuting the New York Times“: "Can journalists really be prosecuted for publishing national security secrets? In … Continue reading “‘Conservatives’ Condemn Freedom of the Press”

What Are We Fighting For?

Over the last four years, the message sent by neoconservatives to the rest of the nation has been clear: Get behind the Bush administration’s “war on terror” or be prepared to face the consequences. But when the grieving mother of a fallen U.S. soldier tops the neoconservative most wanted list of treasonous, terrorist-sympathizing, America-haters, you … Continue reading “What Are We Fighting For?”

Bush and Washington: A Tale of Two Georges

On Jan. 20, 2005, George W. Bush was sworn in for the second time as President of the United States. As I listened to the inauguration ceremony, I couldn’t help but contrast our current president with another George who found himself in the same position over two centuries ago. George Washington, remembered as a noble … Continue reading “Bush and Washington: A Tale of Two Georges”

War in Iraq: Was It Worth It?

Our search (or, more precisely, our wild goose chase) for WMD in Iraq is finally over. No, we did not find what we were looking for, but White House press secretary Scott McClellan assured us in a recent briefing that we still have a few people poking around, and “if there are any other reports, … Continue reading “War in Iraq: Was It Worth It?”