Bull in the China Shop

To no one’s surprise, Gen. David Petraeus wants to keep U.S. troops in Iraq at current strength – or given the Bush administration’s facility at "figuring," greater strength – for at least six more months. If you listen more closely, you’ll discover they’re even more "optimistic" – you’ll hear talk of "Our Children’s Children’s War," … Continue reading “Bull in the China Shop”

It’s Baaack!

Polls have consistently shown that, being the macho folks we apparently are, Americans don’t care if the U.S. government listens in on our phone conversations, spies on our e-mails, and/or secretly black-bags our domiciles, frames some of us, and now, peeks over our shoulders at our bank accounts. Even if the government breaks its own … Continue reading “It’s Baaack!”

Greetings from Fallujah!

Preamble: April 28, 2003: U.S. soldiers kill 18 Fallujah school children. Act I April, 2004: In the attack on Fallujah, which ended after 3 weeks in defeat of the “coalition”: "U.S. forces bombed the power plant at the beginning of the assault; …The town was placed under siege; the ban on bringing in food, medicine, … Continue reading “Greetings from Fallujah!”