When Home Becomes a Firing Zone

JINBA, Occupied West Bank, (IPS) – Jinba is in the crosshair of ‘Firing Zone 918’ – and ‘Firing Zone 918’ is a microcosm of the Israeli occupation. Together with seven other communities, Jinba is slated for demolition to make way for an Israeli training ground. Forced eviction hangs over a thousand Palestinians. Mahmoud Raba’i is … Continue reading “When Home Becomes a Firing Zone”

Israel’s Nuclear Ambiguity Prodded

OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM , Nov. 7 2013 (IPS) – As Palestinian-Israeli peace talks and nuclear talks on Iran’s disputed nuclear program continue, a unique international conference, “A Middle East without Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)”, was held in Jerusalem. The topic is taboo because Israel maintains a veil of “studied ambiguity” on its alleged nuclear … Continue reading “Israel’s Nuclear Ambiguity Prodded”

Israel Silent on Chemical Weapons

“Does Israel have chemical weapons too?” is the question posed by the U.S. publication Foreign Policy, citing a newly uncovered CIA document from 1983 which alleged that Israel is likely to have developed such weapons. Written ten years after the 1973 war in which Egypt and Syria attacked Israel, the CIA document revealed in Foreign … Continue reading “Israel Silent on Chemical Weapons”

Israel’s Ill-Treatment of Detained Palestinian Children ‘Widespread’

“Three interrogators questioned me for three hours. I was handcuffed. They beat me, slapped me, kicked me, boxed me, accused me of throwing stones; played a video of a demonstration. I denied I was there. So again, they beat me up,” recounts Zein Abu-Mariya, 17, seated on a sofa next to dad. “They pressured my … Continue reading “Israel’s Ill-Treatment of Detained Palestinian Children ‘Widespread’”

When a Courtyard Becomes a Border

RAS EL-AMOUD, Occupied East Jerusalem — Filistin Hamdallah looks disoriented, walking without purpose amidst the furniture strewn in the courtyard, as if she was moving home. Only the fresh laundry hanging on wires indicates that the Palestinian family is here to stay, to stay in conditions with Jewish neighbors that show just how difficult the … Continue reading “When a Courtyard Becomes a Border”

Israel, Not Iran, Feels Isolated

JERUSALEM – As a result of the diplomatic momentum geared to disarm international suspicions over the explosive issue of Iran’s nuclear program, the one country not directly party to the two-track negotiation process feels more isolated than Iran. Following the putative breakthrough reached by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, according … Continue reading “Israel, Not Iran, Feels Isolated”

Israel Shifts Uneasily Over Syria

JERUSALEM — Grappling with the fallout on their country of a possible forced removal from power of Syria’s President Bashar Assad, Israeli leaders are fluctuating between wariness, cautious optimism, and self-righteousness. Last week, as the toll exacted by the 11-month Syrian uprising was mounting dramatically, Israelis were offered by their prime minister the customary appraisal … Continue reading “Israel Shifts Uneasily Over Syria”

Israel and Iran Agree on Nuclear Ambiguity

JERUSALEM – Will Israel attack Iran’s nuclear facilities this spring? That is a question dominating the international agenda. Meanwhile, the grand project of a nuclear weapon–free Middle East is relegated to the utopian “day after” a solution is found to the Islamic republic’s atomic program. Strangely enough, Israeli public opinion has no clear opinion on … Continue reading “Israel and Iran Agree on Nuclear Ambiguity”

Fighting Settlers’ Impunity and Immunity

JERUSALEM – The outer stone walls of the unused 12th century Ayyubid mosque in the Israeli center of the city carried the black scars of attempted arson and hatred. "Price tag", the signature read. "Price tag" attacks are perpetrated by vengeful settlers against innocent Palestinians and their property. It involves not only the defacing and … Continue reading “Fighting Settlers’ Impunity and Immunity”

Is Israel Hoping for a US Attack on Iran?

JERUSALEM — Preceding the U.N. atomic watchdog’s report on Iran’s nuclear quest, a flurry of reports about Israel increasingly tilting toward preventive military action against Iran highlights U.S. military support of Israel but tests its influence over its ally. On Tuesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency is expected to report that Iran has carried out … Continue reading “Is Israel Hoping for a US Attack on Iran?”