‘CIA Infiltration’ Charges Prompt Shakeup in Ecuador’s Armed Forces

QUITO – President Rafael Correa’s allegations that intelligence services in Ecuador had been infiltrated by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have led to a shakeup in the armed forces of unforeseeable consequences. Resignations and dismissals are the order of the day. Wellington Sandoval resigned as defense minister Wednesday and was replaced by Correa’s personal … Continue reading “‘CIA Infiltration’ Charges Prompt Shakeup in Ecuador’s Armed Forces”

Defense Ministers Reject Intervention in Colombia

QUITO – The final declaration of the sixth conference of western hemisphere defense ministers, which ended Friday in the Ecuadorian capital, did not include several of the proposals set forth by the United States and seconded by Colombia. During the meeting, the gap between the U.S. government’s positions and those of a number of South … Continue reading “Defense Ministers Reject Intervention in Colombia”