Syrian Split Divides Christians

QAMISHLI, Syria – Malki Hana says his men are afraid of cameras. “Most of them are army defectors and they may easily get in trouble,” says this commander of a mostly unknown armed group in Syria. From his headquarters in Derik, 700 km northeast of Damascus, Hana, 34, briefs IPS on his militia comprising almost … Continue reading “Syrian Split Divides Christians”

Splintered Damascus Holds Its Breath

“Life is almost normal in the center of Damascus,” local resident Hisham says from the predominantly Christian neighborhood of Bab Touma. “Only the occasional noise of artillery on the outskirts reminds me that we are at war.” The sound of artillery is now normal in Damascus. Hisham tells IPS on the phone from Damascus of … Continue reading “Splintered Damascus Holds Its Breath”

Libya’s Other Victims Pick Up the Pieces

BANI WALID, Libya — Suleyman and Rasool have come to the University of Bani Walid, in western Libya. If they are lucky, they might find some chemistry notes and, perhaps, a computer that works. Unfortunately, it is not likely, since NATO reduced the campus to rubble. Saif al Islam — Moammar Gadhafi’s son and heir … Continue reading “Libya’s Other Victims Pick Up the Pieces”

After Gadhafi, Unease Rules

TRIPOLI – "The war is over and Gadhafi already buried. What else could we possibly ask for?" says Adnan Abdulrafiq at his busy street restaurant in Omar Mukhtar street in downtown Tripoli. But troubles may not have ended with the war. Abdulrafiq’s restaurant is just 50 meters from Martyrs square, the capital’s main gathering point. … Continue reading “After Gadhafi, Unease Rules”