Why McCain Must Be Stopped

As predicted in my last column, Democrats as well as Independents proved to be a pivotal factor in the Michigan contest: Republicans were apparently outnumbered in their own pirmary. This is what the Bush camp will seize on as a reason to discount the Michigan results, but no amount of “spin” is going to obscure … Continue reading “Why McCain Must Be Stopped”

The Real McCain–and It Isn’t Pretty

CNN’s Jeff Greenfield could hardly believe his ears. After listening to Senator John McCain’s virtriolic “concession speech,” he looked positively bewildered and not a little deflated: “You know, ” he said, “I’m a little stunned, because it is some of the toughest language that a defeated candidate has used.” That’s right, Jeff, and you’d better … Continue reading “The Real McCain–and It Isn’t Pretty”

Kosovo and Presidential Politics

It has been almost a year since our “humanitarian” bombers unleashed their vengeance on the former Yugoslavia, a year since the War for Ethnic Diversity claimed its first victims – and what have we got to show for it? Well, let’s see: 150,000 Serb refugees, ethnically cleansed out of their homes in the former Yugoslavian … Continue reading “Kosovo and Presidential Politics”

John McCain and the War Party

The McCain stampede is on, even before the South Carolina election results are in. As I predicted in my election night column about the New Hampshire primary, “Like rats leaping from a sinking ship, the political hacks and neoconservative apparatchiks who latched on to the Bush campaign because they saw Dubya as inevitable will follow … Continue reading “John McCain and the War Party”

Who Killed Pavle Bulatovic?

The assassination of Yugoslavia’s defense minister, Pavle Bulatovic, by gunmen inside a Belgrade restaurant throws the spotlight once again on the former Yugoslavia – and dramatizes the developing crisis. For Bulatovic was a key component of Milosevic’s ruling coalition of Socialists, Radicals, and Montenegrin loyalists, and his sudden violent death has thrown the country into … Continue reading “Who Killed Pavle Bulatovic?”

Hands Off Austria!

In Vienna, an eerie sight: 20,000 leftists marched on the conservative People’s Party headquarters protesting the entry of Austria’s Freedom Party into the government and supporting the European Union’s threat of sanctions. According to the New York Times, “some protesters carried babies or marched under pictures of Che Guevara. Many more carried the circle of … Continue reading “Hands Off Austria!”

Bush Debacle Augers GOP Crack-Up

It wasn’t even close. While the Bushian spinmeisters would have us believe that New Hampshire is but a bump on an otherwise smooth road inevitably leading to the coronation of Bush II, McCain’s New Hampshire triumph is a major upset: with considerably less money than Dubya’s $60 million and without the backing of the state … Continue reading “Bush Debacle Augers GOP Crack-Up”

The Globalist Culture War

Rewriting the past – as Orwell pointed out, a totalitarian regime must invest heavily in this essential task. In Orwell’s famous novel, 1984, the regime of Big Brother openly proclaims the malleability of history in the following slogan: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” No one understands … Continue reading “The Globalist Culture War”

Buchanan-Keyes – A Dream Ticket for Conservatives

For years, the Washington Establishment has been laughing at Alan Keyes: who is this guy, they sneered, and why is he running for President? Now, it looks like Keyes may have the last laugh.BREAKTHROUGH A former US ambassador to the UN Social and Economic Council, and Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, the charismatic … Continue reading “Buchanan-Keyes – A Dream Ticket for Conservatives”

Mad About McCain: A Love Story

The media’s well-known love affair with presidential aspirant John McCain is almost embarrassing to behold; it is like those couples that are all over each other in public, and make you want to say: “Could you take that somewhere else – perhaps someplace more private?” Salon’s Jake Tapper is positively homoerotic in his breathless ardor: … Continue reading “Mad About McCain: A Love Story”