What Would an ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Look Like?

As Donald Trump takes the reins and we all prepare for the next four years, the need to translate rhetoric into reality comes to the fore. Trump spent the campaign repeating a phrase that horrified the elites – especially the foreign policy Establishment – even adopting it as his official campaign theme: “America first.” The … Continue reading “What Would an ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Look Like?”

Flynn, Pompeo, and the Paradox of the New Nationalism

These two appointments underscore the contradictions at the heart of Trumpism Life is full of contradictions: that’s what ideologues of all persuasions don’t get. And politics – with its inevitable vagaries, compromises, and unforeseen events – exemplifies this reality. You can multiply that principle by at least ten when analyzing President-elect Donald J. Trump and … Continue reading “Flynn, Pompeo, and the Paradox of the New Nationalism”

Dear President Trump: Just Say No to the Neocons

The kudzu vine is one of the most invasive plants in existence: you cut it back, but that just emboldens it! You dig it up, but it keeps returning, stronger than ever. It is, in short, the horticultural equivalent of the neoconservatives, who have survived in spite of leading us over a cliff in Iraq, … Continue reading “Dear President Trump: Just Say No to the Neocons”

Dear President Trump

The recent presidential campaign saw a plethora of open letters directed at Donald Trump, at least two of which were authored and signed by neoconservative foreign policy “experts” denouncing him for challenging their most cherished notions. Now it’s my turn to write an open letter, albeit coming from the opposite direction. Dear President Trump: Unlike … Continue reading “Dear President Trump”

Why Trump Won: The Foreign Policy Factor

The media – and by that I mean a horde of Clinton surrogates masquerading as “journalists” – is in full-bore self-examination mode, strenuously trying to figure out how to “explain” the victory of Donald J. Trump – as if they are doctors who must diagnose the nature and cause of a disease. Congruent with this … Continue reading “Why Trump Won: The Foreign Policy Factor”