The Special Counsel Comes to Town: It’s the Moscow Trials, Revisited

Donald Trump ran on a platform of improving relations with Russia: his victory was a mandate for that policy. Yet the real power in this country doesn’t reside within the ballot box, and that reality was brought home when the Justice Department appointed a “special counsel” to investigate “any links and/or coordination with the Russian … Continue reading “The Special Counsel Comes to Town: It’s the Moscow Trials, Revisited”

Did Seth Rich Contact WikiLeaks?

Two stories are now dominating the headlines: one is something the Establishment wants you to pay attention to, and the other is something they want to bury. First off, to the former: The Washington Beltway is in an uproar over the latest Deep State attempt to tar the President of the United States as a … Continue reading “Did Seth Rich Contact WikiLeaks?”

Trump Should Meet With Kim Jong-un

The launching of yet another ballistic missile test by North Korea dramatizes the conundrum we face in dealing with Kim Jong-un. The trajectory of the missile – it traveled around 430 miles and landed some 60 miles from Russia, in the Sea of Japan – limns the trajectory of North Korea’s course in its confrontation … Continue reading “Trump Should Meet With Kim Jong-un”

Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce

The level of lunacy we’ve reached can be measured by the brouhaha over the presence of Russian photographers in the Oval Office during Sergey Lavrov’s visit: no US photographers were allowed, but the Russians somehow got in and the Paranoid Brigade went into overdrive. They may have planted “bugs” there! No, this wasn’t nutjob Louise … Continue reading “Shut Down the ‘Russia-gate’ Farce”

The Triumph of James Comey

Since FBI Director James Comey has become a kind of arbiter of the political discourse – to say his pronouncements have been decisive would not, I think, be an overstatement – his appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee was much anticipated. As Hillary Clinton and her supporters continue to re-litigate the presidential election, blaming him … Continue reading “The Triumph of James Comey”

Why Defend South Korean Ingrates?

Justin is under the weather, his column will return Friday. Like the child who innocently asks “Where are the Emperor’s clothes?” Donald Trump has once again blurted out a truth that none of the “adults” in the room are supposed to acknowledge. In an interview with Reuters, the President averred: “On the THAAD system, it’s … Continue reading “Why Defend South Korean Ingrates?”

Phony Hysterics Over North Korea

A lot of my job as editorial director of is cutting through the veil of obfuscation with which the War Party masks its ill intentions. But sometimes you don’t even have to read between the lines to see what our conniving rulers are up to. Such is the case with the current war scare … Continue reading “Phony Hysterics Over North Korea”

Will the Next War Erupt in the Balkans?

As the world focuses on the Middle Eastern and Korean flashpoints, the next war may not occur in either region, but rather in a replay of an old conflict that has been largely forgotten. In an interview with Politico’s European edition, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama threatened war if Kosovo is denied entry into the … Continue reading “Will the Next War Erupt in the Balkans?”