Trump at the Crossroads

Less than three weeks into the presidency of Donald J. Trump, there are several troubling signs that the new administration is abandoning its foreign policy mandate and going off the rails. First and foremost is the saber-rattling aimed at Iran. The ostensible reason for this is Tehran’s testing of mid-range ballistic missiles which, we are … Continue reading “Trump at the Crossroads”

Trump and the End of Innocence

President Trump is once again roiling Washington and provoking attacks from both sides of the increasingly irrelevant political spectrum with his pre-Super Bowl interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly. Here’s the relevant part of the transcript: “O’Reilly: Do you respect Putin? “Trump: I do respect him, but – “O’Reilly: Do you? Why? “Trump: Well, I respect … Continue reading “Trump and the End of Innocence”

Spare Us the Theatrics

The Trump administration has the media and its political opponents (or do I repeat myself?) in a lather as the White House continues to fire executive orders in quick succession, demolishing the old order and enraging both liberals and their newfound neoconservative allies. Amid all the virtue-signaling hysterics, the most significant aspects of what is … Continue reading “Spare Us the Theatrics”

Trump’s First Big Mistake

The text of a draft executive order on “Protecting the Nation From Terrorist Attacks From Foreign Nationals,” expected to be signed by President Trump, which deals primarily with excluding citizens of selected countries from entering the United States, includes what may be the biggest mistake the newly elected President will ever make: “Sec. 6. Establishment … Continue reading “Trump’s First Big Mistake”