Europe Fears a Summer Attack on Iran

MUNICH — The appeals to Israel by numerous European diplomats attending the Munich security conference last weekend have led to growing concern that Israeli plans to attack Iran are imminent. The very number of warnings to Israel, and the emphasis with which diplomats have expressed concern, suggests that Israeli plans to attack Iran are real … Continue reading “Europe Fears a Summer Attack on Iran”

Europe Divided Over Palestinian State

BERLIN — Divisions that have surfaced within the European Union over recognition of the Palestinian Authority as an independent and sovereign state are unlikely to be resolved ahead of a crucial vote in the United Nations next week. A two-state settlement is part of the long-term official EU line on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But while … Continue reading “Europe Divided Over Palestinian State”

Germany to Deliver Weapons to Saudi Arabia

BERLIN — The decision by the German government to deliver 200 state-of-the-art armored tanks to Saudi Arabia, despite the Wahhabi monarchy’s human rights record and its recent violent intervention in Bahrain to repress the popular rebellion against the local ruling family there, illustrates the rhetorical nature of Western support to the so-called Arab democratic spring. … Continue reading “Germany to Deliver Weapons to Saudi Arabia”

German Govt ‘Crying Wolf’ on Terrorist Attacks 

BERLIN, Dec 2 (IPS) – Government officials in Germany are being accused of manipulating threats of terrorism to induce public hysteria, even while warning against such reactions. The self-contradictory approach has prompted German citizens to call the terror warnings "farcical" and "negligent." In mid-November, three separate instances of supposed terrorist threats were made public, only … Continue reading “German Govt ‘Crying Wolf’ on Terrorist Attacks “

Settlement Policy Wrong, Say European Jews

PARIS – Prominent Jewish intellectuals living in Europe have begun denouncing the Israeli policy of allowing settlements to come up on Palestinian territories as “morally and politically wrong.” In a collective declaration, presented in the Belgian capital Brussels on May 3, hundreds of prominent European Jews also said that the main danger to the state … Continue reading “Settlement Policy Wrong, Say European Jews”

French Wary of a Lebanese Sandwich

PARIS – Military experts are warning of dangers for the new peacekeeping force in the south of Lebanon, sandwiched as it will be between Israeli forces on one side and Hezbollah on the other. "We are going there only to take blows," a French general who wished not to be named told IPS. "I really … Continue reading “French Wary of a Lebanese Sandwich”

Diplomatic Front Heats Up in Ivory Coast

PARIS – Beneath the apparent calm after the last round of clashes, the diplomatic battle in Cote d’Ivoire is getting hotter. This time the clash is building up not between government and rebel leaders but between the government of President Laurent Gbagbo and the French, who had protected and supported Gbagbo until recently. French President … Continue reading “Diplomatic Front Heats Up in Ivory Coast”

France Stands Up to the US

PARIS – The differences between France and Iraq entered a new phase at the summit that began at the Egyptian resort Sharm el-Sheikh Monday. Differences are emerging starkly despite conciliatory statements from both sides. The meeting is bringing together members of the Iraqi interim government with leaders from the G8 (the eight leading industrialized countries: … Continue reading “France Stands Up to the US”

France Gets US Nuclear Treatment

PARIS – Over several days now France has been home to a new consignment of 140 kg of plutonium, enough to build 20 atom bombs. The plutonium from the dismantling of U.S. nuclear weapons has been sent to France for treatment. The freight was kept at the Atlantic port Cherbourg for two days after it … Continue reading “France Gets US Nuclear Treatment”

French Headscarves Still Fueling Hostage Crisis

PARIS – The two French journalists kidnapped in Iraq more than three weeks back are still in captivity despite efforts by French and Iraqi leaders to secure their freedom. Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot were kidnapped Aug. 20 by the so-called Islamic Army in Iraq, a guerrilla group opposing the U.S. occupation of the country. … Continue reading “French Headscarves Still Fueling Hostage Crisis”