U.S. Ramps Up Missile Tests in the Pacific

Earlier this year, when China blasted one of its satellites into thousands of little floating pieces, it was condemned by Washington as a provocative act. But some arms-control experts believe Beijing was baring its teeth to send the White House a different message. They say that China, which has consistently opposed the weaponization of space, … Continue reading “U.S. Ramps Up Missile Tests in the Pacific”

Pentagon Eyes the Ultimate High Ground

After 50 years of international cooperation and peace in space, the U.S. military insists that it has no plans to usher in an age of space-based warfare. The Pentagon’s space-related research is not offensive, officials have told arms control experts and the news media, noting that the name of the branch that conducts much of … Continue reading “Pentagon Eyes the Ultimate High Ground”

US Funding Doubled for ‘Anti-Terror’ Forces in Africa

As Washington’s dependence on African oil intensifies, some analysts predict the region will increasingly play host to confrontations between U.S. forces deployed there and various insurgent groups, predominantly Islamic extremists. Currently, African oil accounts for 12 percent of the United States’ total yearly consumption. During the next 10 to 15 years, the amount is projected … Continue reading “US Funding Doubled for ‘Anti-Terror’ Forces in Africa”