Khan Yunis: Before the Juggernaut

A mobile watchtower, lifted into the air by a crane, surveys Khan Yunis day and night. An ambulance from the city waits behind a nearby concrete building day after day; it waits so that the next child shot for playing too close to the wall can make it to the local hospital before dying. The … Continue reading “Khan Yunis: Before the Juggernaut”

Summer in the Strip

F16 Warplanes zoom overhead daily. In Rafah they’ve been breaking the sound barrier. At night you can watch flares light up the sky so that the Israeli soldiers in their fortified bunkers all along the perimeter of the Gaza Strip and surrounding the illegal Jewish settlements on the interior can survey the area. The staccato … Continue reading “Summer in the Strip”

With Neighbors Like These

They raise their children to hate. That’s what we’re told about the Palestinians. Watch the TV news. Listen to the radio. Pick up the dramatic US news magazines. Ask the intellectuals and the political pundits. Palestinian mothers willingly sacrifice their own children to the cause. In school, the teachers reinforce the hatred the children learn … Continue reading “With Neighbors Like These”

War on the Horizon: Gaza

I heard the shooting from the balcony of my apartment. Ismail, Yusuf, and Anwar tried to infiltrate the Netzarim settlement in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday night. They may have carried knives with them. That’s what Abdul Aziz Rantissi said, a leader of Hamas in Gaza. They weren’t suicide bombers as the New York Times … Continue reading “War on the Horizon: Gaza”

Summary Executions in Jenin

Israeli Occupation Forces are waging an unprecedented campaign to raze the Jenin refugee camp. In one case, eyewitness reports testify that more than 160 people have been transferred from one area of the camp to the village of Kufr Dan outside Jenin where they are being held without food, water, or medical supplies while the … Continue reading “Summary Executions in Jenin”

In the Eye of the Storm

Helicopter gunships fired into crowded areas of Nablus and Jenin again today. Nobody knows how many are dead. Yesterday’s count stopped at 44. Ariel Sharon hasn’t finished his "operation" yet. – Hold your horses, George, Tony; I’m going as fast as I can. Just have to make sure we’ve smoked out (and then snuffed out) … Continue reading “In the Eye of the Storm”