Sending Blair to Prison

Following the decision not to prosecute the GCHQ whistleblower Katharine Gun, the suspicion is that the government will do anything to keep secret the advice submitted to it by the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, on the legality of the Iraq war. There is a very simple reason why the government would want to do this. … Continue reading “Sending Blair to Prison”

Has Blair Sexed Up Saddam’s Atrocities, Too?

As Tony Blair waltzed out of his final press conference and off to Barbados last week, he once again sidestepped crucial questions on Iraq. Indeed, faced with the collapse of his pre-war "intelligence" on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Tony Blair is falling back on human rights abuses committed by Saddam Hussein as the new … Continue reading “Has Blair Sexed Up Saddam’s Atrocities, Too?”

‘All Bush Gave Iraq Was Anarchy – Now He Wants the Same for Iran’

It was not supposed to be like this. The Iraqis were supposed to dance in the streets, and to welcome the Americans with flowers. Democracy was supposed to emerge spontaneously, and Iraq was to become a pro-Western beacon in the heart of the Muslim world. Instead, Iraqis take to the streets almost daily to demonstrate … Continue reading “‘All Bush Gave Iraq Was Anarchy – Now He Wants the Same for Iran’”

Becoming the 51st State

It’s beggars belief, but it is true. Last week, a group of influential politicians who inhabit the rarefied but influential world of Washington DC think-tanks, proposed that US government officials be given the right to sit in on the European Union’s inter-govermmental conference, and on meetings of its other executive bodies, so that the USA … Continue reading “Becoming the 51st State”

The Euro-Soviet Threat

They say that committing murder becomes easier after you have done it the first time. The same is true of killing democracy. Next Saturday, Ireland will vote on the Nice Treaty, having already voted No to it in a referendum held in June 2001. This is the clearest possible betrayal of democracy and it bodes … Continue reading “The Euro-Soviet Threat”

If This Man is a War Criminal Where is All the Evidence?

In the great film with Marlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton, the "Witness for the Prosecution" appears in court and gives exactly the opposite testimony from what was expected. You would not know it from our media – which passed over the event in silence – but the same thing happened at The Hague recently, in … Continue reading “If This Man is a War Criminal Where is All the Evidence?”

‘Why Does Everybody Hate Me?’

In this exclusive interview, Jean-Marie Le Pen heaps contempt on the palm-greasers, opportunists and back-scratchers who make up the French political establishment. If there is calm in the eye of the storm, it was certainly to be found at Jean-Marie Le Pen’s sumptuous villa in Saint-Cloud, Paris, on Tuesday afternoon. In the world outside, … Continue reading “‘Why Does Everybody Hate Me?’”