Homeland Security Grants – A Not So Funny Joke

I live in Appleton, WI, and I’ll bet each and every American $5.00 that not one member of al-Qaeda can locate it on a map. Now I’m sure there are few football fans out there who might take me up on that bet seeing how Appleton lies just southwest of its more famous cousin Green … Continue reading “Homeland Security Grants – A Not So Funny Joke”

Weapons of Mass Delusion

President Bush told the world that Saddam’s alleged WMDs directly threatened the U.S. Now that the war is over and no arsenal was found, where does that leave America? Months before the horror of 9-11, Secretary of State Colin Powell defended a recent air strike against Iraq during a press conference in Cairo, Egypt. On … Continue reading “Weapons of Mass Delusion”

The Fog of War

The U.S. began bombing Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. The strikes were aimed at locations where suspected al Qaeda terrorists were. The Bush administration, in an attempt to convince everyone that the U.S. was not at war with the Afghan civilian population, dropped humanitarian food packages from cargo planes at the same time U.S. fighter … Continue reading “The Fog of War”