Poll Shows Voter Bi-Partisan Split Mirrors House Vote on NSA

Party allegiances apparently mean little in the U.S. when it comes to the debate over domestic government surveillance. A study released this morning by the Pew Research Center, a major U.S. polling agency, revealed that 57 percent of Democrats approve of government spying, along with 44 percent of Republicans. “There is a real division within … Continue reading “Poll Shows Voter Bi-Partisan Split Mirrors House Vote on NSA”

US Government-Funded News Comes Home

Following the amendment of a long-standing US law, people in this country will now be exposed to news which is produced by the US government. On Jul. 2, a change to the US Information and Educational Exchange Act, also known as the Smith-Mundt Act, came into effect, reversing a ban on the State Department and … Continue reading “US Government-Funded News Comes Home”

Report Gives Graphic Details of Guantanamo Force-Feeding

“Bleeding”, “vomiting”, “a quarter or even a third” of bodyweight lost, “torture”. These are characteristic descriptions from testimony by hunger strikers at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay of their experience being force-fed at the hands of U.S. officials, published in a report released Thursday. The report, produced by Reprieve, a U.K.-based legal assistance and … Continue reading “Report Gives Graphic Details of Guantanamo Force-Feeding”