Regime Change in Syria

For well over a year, the US has pursued a policy of regime change in Syria. This policy is rooted in Washington’s broader regional interest: maintaining obedient client states and eliminating states that challenge US hegemony. More specifically, the US is interested in breaking the “Iranian sphere of influence” in which Syria is key. In … Continue reading “Regime Change in Syria”

Obama’s War at Home: Driving the Government Underground

Last week the Washington Post reported on the Justice Department’s unsuccessful attempt at changing the laws so as to make it easier for the government to obtain access to emails of US citizens without a warrant. This report should be unsettling to those that value their relative freedoms. Unfortunately, these types of actions have become … Continue reading “Obama’s War at Home: Driving the Government Underground”

The Asia Pivot and US Motivations

In 2011, the Obama administration formally introduced an offensive strategy designed to contain China’s rise to power, termed the "Asia-Pivot." In a November 2011 speech to the Australian Parliament, Obama described the Asia-Pacific as a "top priority," explaining that, "as a Pacific nation, the United States will play a larger and long-term role in shaping … Continue reading “The Asia Pivot and US Motivations”