U.S. Watching Fallujah From Sidelines

Somewhere around various parts of the world, reassigned US military commanders must be shaking their heads at the events overtaking Fallujah, Iraq. Few cities outside Baghdad gave coalition forces more headaches during the war’s rollout: controversial shootings against Iraqi citizens, Blackwater Bridge, white phosphorous and the coalescing of a Sunni insurgency. Multiple security operations left … Continue reading “U.S. Watching Fallujah From Sidelines”

U.S. Drone-Aid Won’t Repair Iraq’s Woes

After several years of discussions between the two governments, the first package of US drone material made its way to Baghdad last week and ahead of its 2014 schedule. The possibility of drone-aid has surfaced periodically in response to al-Qaeda’s ongoing campaign and the violence that continues to plague Iraq, with options ranging from material … Continue reading “U.S. Drone-Aid Won’t Repair Iraq’s Woes”