Where an Assassination Is Celebrated

Motorists honked in celebration in this western Iraqi town as news spread of the assassination of the president of the Iraqi Governing Council Ezzidin Salim Monday. Many people clapped and raised their fists. “The GC is nothing,” one man shouted. “They are not the Governing Council. They are the Prostitution Council.” Sfook, a storeowner in … Continue reading “Where an Assassination Is Celebrated”

Ramadi – A Delicate Lid

The city of Ramadi, about 120km (75 mi.) west of Baghdad, appears to be much more stable than nearby Fallujah, where the U.S. military currently won’t enter the city after the failed siege of April. Here U.S. military patrols still roam the streets and attacks seem to be down. Both the Governor of the vast … Continue reading “Ramadi – A Delicate Lid”

Skyrocketing Iraqi Anger as US Raids Sunni Mosque – Fourth Time Since Invasion

As U.S. forces fought the Shia forces of Muqtada Al- Sadr in the south, they broke into the Sunni Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad Saturday. Amid moves by Shia and Sunni leaders to come together against the occupation, US forces have chosen to attack both at the same time. US soldiers sealed off the Abu … Continue reading “Skyrocketing Iraqi Anger as US Raids Sunni Mosque – Fourth Time Since Invasion”

Electricity Production in Iraq Remains Below Pre-War Levels

Contrary to US President George Bush’s recent statement that electricity in Iraq “is now more widely available than before the war,” Iraqi officials say the power supply in their country has not yet been repaired to pre-war levels. Bush made the claim in his May 1, 2004 speech commemorating the one-year anniversary of the “mission … Continue reading “Electricity Production in Iraq Remains Below Pre-War Levels”

Sunnis and Shi’ites Uniting Against US

As U.S. military actions continue to raise the staggeringly high toll of dead Iraqis, Sunnis and Shias appear to be uniting against the occupation. The number of Iraqi dead in Fallujah last month in the so-called Sunni triangle is estimated by doctors to be more than 800. Fighting involving Shia Muslims in the south has … Continue reading “Sunnis and Shi’ites Uniting Against US”

Accounts of Atrocities Emerge from the Rubble of Fallujah

Yesterday at the General Hospital of Fallujah, doctors spoke of atrocities that occurred during the month-long siege of the city in April. Dr. Abdul Jabbar, an Orthopedic Surgeon, said that it was difficult to keep track of the number of people they treated, as well as the number of dead, due to the lack of … Continue reading “Accounts of Atrocities Emerge from the Rubble of Fallujah”

Human Shields, Fighting, More Bombs

With the horrendous security situation limiting movement of the media in Iraq more than ever before, many of the attacks and bombs against the occupiers are going unreported. Everyday now in Baghdad I hear bombs going off, along with the usual sporadic gunfire in the streets. The majority of the explosions come from inside the … Continue reading “Human Shields, Fighting, More Bombs”

Fallujah Rebels, Residents, Police Celebrate Victory Over US Marines

The US 1st Marine Division sent a small convoy into Fallujah today in order to meet with the mayor and show cooperation with the Iraqi Police (IP) and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC). But the supposed show of force was a pre-arranged exercise. Immediately following the Marines’ departure, the embattled city erupted into what could … Continue reading “Fallujah Rebels, Residents, Police Celebrate Victory Over US Marines”