George Washington’s Warnings Yet Go Unheeded

Foreign influence, designed to affect political outcomes and influence our nation’s conduct and policies, did not begin with Russia and the 2016 elections. In the early days of the Republic, as President Washington was resisting pressure to abandon the policy of neutrality and support France in its war with England, Edmond Genet, the French ambassador … Continue reading “George Washington’s Warnings Yet Go Unheeded”

Remembrances of ‘Bromances’ Past

It is not easy to arouse the frequently dormant patriotism of the New York Times, that eminent journal more often preferring to stand by Samuel Johnson’s warning that patriotism is "the last refuge of a scoundrel." The dignified Times has generally found better ways to be a scoundrel and encourage others to be the same. … Continue reading “Remembrances of ‘Bromances’ Past”