After 10-Year Hiatus, Pentagon Eyes New Landmine

The George W. Bush administration may soon resume production of antipersonnel land mines in a move that is at odds with both the international community and previous U.S. policy on the weapons, says a leading human rights organization. In December of this year, the Pentagon will decide whether or not to begin producing a new … Continue reading “After 10-Year Hiatus, Pentagon Eyes New Landmine”

American Muslims Live in Fear of Govt

Harsh immigration and anti-terrorism laws have had a devastating effect on many Muslim communities in the U.S., leaving a legacy of fear and disillusionment, especially among young people, Asian activists said Thursday. In post-Sep. 11 America, immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries have been victimized by U.S. legislation that unjustly targets them as a group, creating … Continue reading “American Muslims Live in Fear of Govt”