Secret Armies, Shadow Wars, Silent Unaccountability

Headline: “Obama Embraces Special Operations Forces” Headline: “Did U.S. Forces Commit Atrocities in a Key Afghan Province?” Headline: “US Special Forces Kill ISIS Commander and Capture Wife in Syria Raid” Headline: “Failure to Rescue Foley Shows Special Ops Limitations” Headline: “US, Somali Commandos Nab Valuable Al-Shabaab Figures, Spokesman Says” Headline: “US Special Operations Forces Screwed … Continue reading “Secret Armies, Shadow Wars, Silent Unaccountability”

Demilitarizing the Military

The prevailing discourse on defense and national security affairs in this country is, and long has been, dominated by the bean counters among us. They are the ones who think and talk almost exclusively in terms of budgets, programs, and weapon systems; who speak in tongues about “resetting” and “rebalancing” to demonstrate how au courant … Continue reading “Demilitarizing the Military”