Anguished Christians Flee to Syria

DAMASCUS – George Lutfi’s voice trembled with emotion as thought back of Iraq and his family there. The 32-year-old deacon of the Chaldean Solaqa Church in Baghdad fled to Syria last week after the bombings at churches in Baghdad and Mosul that killed at least 11 people. "I can do nothing but cry and pray … Continue reading “Anguished Christians Flee to Syria”

Iraq, Syria Try to Restore Ties

DAMASCUS – After years of hostility and recent tension over foreign fighters sneaking into Iraq, interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi ended a visit to Syria with a declaration that diplomatic relations between the two countries would be restored soon. Following what he described as “fruitful and constructive” talks with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Allawi … Continue reading “Iraq, Syria Try to Restore Ties”

Syrian Liberalization Hits Internet Wall

DAMASCUS – When he downloaded some material on Syria and emailed it to his friends, Abdel Rahman al-Shaghouri did not think he would end up in prison. Al-Shaghouri, 32, already in prison since February 2003 for his “offense,” was sentenced this week to two-and-a-half years imprisonment by the security court. He was held guilty of … Continue reading “Syrian Liberalization Hits Internet Wall”

Kurd Unrest Spreads to Syria

DAMASCUS – Kurds within Syria are beginning to demand increasing recognition in the face of the autonomy enjoyed by Kurds within Iraq. Kurds number about 1.5 million in a Syrian population of 17 million. A total of 20 million Kurds are scattered across several countries. Turkey has about half the Kurd population, Iraq about five … Continue reading “Kurd Unrest Spreads to Syria”