A Law and Order Spinoff You Don’t Want to Miss

The successful TV franchise Law and Order has spun off a number of niche crime dramas over the years: Special Victims Unit, which deals with sexual predators; Criminal Intent, which concerns high-profile murders; and Trial by Jury, which takes viewers into the deliberations that determine a defendant’s guilt or innocence. Imagine, though, the prospect of … Continue reading “A Law and Order Spinoff You Don’t Want to Miss”

Dear Liz: Here’s Some Truth for You

Dear Liz, I read with interest your recent op-ed piece in the Washington Post, which told us "The Truth About Syria." It’s always a treat when Bush Administration officials have the opportunity to reveal the objectives of their foreign policy in the mainstream press for all concerned Americans to see. First of all, my congratulations … Continue reading “Dear Liz: Here’s Some Truth for You”