Progress on Cluster Bombs

Good news is in short supply. The economy remains bleak. The war in Iraq entered its seventh year last week, and violence reaches new pinnacles in Afghanistan. But there is one bright light amid all this gloom. Real progress is being made to ban cluster munitions. These are canisters of different sizes that release hundreds … Continue reading “Progress on Cluster Bombs”

Israel and the United States: Up In Arms

In answering questions before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton acknowledged what she called the “tragic humanitarian costs of conflict in the Middle East, and the pain and suffering of Palestinian and Israeli civilians." She continued by saying that "we cannot give up on peace." As the bombardment of Gaza enters … Continue reading “Israel and the United States: Up In Arms”

Mumbai Wake-up Call

A few months ago, trucks loaded with goods crossed a border. All over the world, this kind of thing happens every day, but not here. October marked the first time in 60 years that Indian trucks loaded with apples and walnuts traveled to Pakistan. The trucks returned carrying a shipment of Pakistani rice and raisins. … Continue reading “Mumbai Wake-up Call”

Avoiding Brinksmanship with Iran

As the 63rd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approaches, the world continues to face a litany of nuclear concerns. There is the failure to safeguard all the nuclear material lying loose around the globe. And proponents of nuclear power have gained ground as a result of the current energy crisis. But … Continue reading “Avoiding Brinksmanship with Iran”

Indonesia’s Arms Appetite

Jakarta wants weapons. Lots of them. Right after Valentine’s Day, Indonesian Air Force officials met with their U.S. counterparts to discuss "bilateral defense cooperation." On their wish list were Lockheed Martin’s F-16 fighters and C-130 Hercules tactical transport planes. There will be more defense talks in April between the two countries as they step up … Continue reading “Indonesia’s Arms Appetite”

The New Military Frontier: Africa

A US Army captain in Africa waxes philosophical. It’s like the old saying, he opines; "give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever." Is he talking about skills-building, or community empowerment? No: Captain Joseph Cruz goes from channeling the musician Speech from the American … Continue reading “The New Military Frontier: Africa”

Dems All Want Bigger Military Budget

The war in Iraq is a failure. The "Global War on Terror" cannot be won by military might alone. Access to health care is a right for all. The growing divide between rich and poor is a problem. Torture is un-American. The Democratic candidates for president – both mainstream and long shots – tend to … Continue reading “Dems All Want Bigger Military Budget”

Who’s Afraid of Nuclear Disarmament?

The Bush administration is very focused these days on Iran’s nuclear program. This focus has only sharpened in the aftermath of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s recent report that Iran continues to enrich uranium in defiance of a UN Security Council demand. "A nuclear-armed Iran is not a very pleasant prospect for anybody to think … Continue reading “Who’s Afraid of Nuclear Disarmament?”

Win the Space Race by Not Running It

Lately, the Bush administration has been trying to play nice on the global stage – emphasizing collaboration with other countries on issues like nuclear proliferation and the "war on terror." But the Bush administration’s obsession with domination and control keeps cropping up – most recently in its new space policy, the first new statement of … Continue reading “Win the Space Race by Not Running It”

War or Rumors of War?

What’s going on with the current bustle around U.S. naval stations? According to Time, the Navy has issued "Prepare to Deploy Orders" (PTDOs) to a strike group including minesweepers, a submarine, an Aegis class cruiser, and a mine hunter. Taken alongside disclosures that the chief of naval operations asked his planners for a rundown of … Continue reading “War or Rumors of War?”