Now Close Gitmo, Too

I was a college student on 9/11. The ensuing “War on Terror,” anchored by the bombing and U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, has been with us ever since – virtually my entire adult life. President Biden was right to end the war in Afghanistan and follow through on a deal that his predecessor Donald Trump had … Continue reading “Now Close Gitmo, Too”

Refugee Crisis: The Stunning Collapse of Syria’s Safe Spaces

While filming a documentary in Syria in the summer of 2003, I visited the Jaramana refugee camp near Damascus. Run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine, Jaramana at the time housed around 5,000 registered Palestinian refugees from the Arab-Israeli wars of 1948 and 1967 and their descendants. At Jaramana, rows of decaying … Continue reading “Refugee Crisis: The Stunning Collapse of Syria’s Safe Spaces”

Strange Strike

With one deadly strike, the Bush administration has offered a fitting epitaph to its "might makes right" policy towards Syria – and the rest of the Middle East. On October 26, nine days before the election, American Special Operations forces, allegedly pursuing a "top operative" of al-Qaeda in Iraq, carried out a helicopter attack on … Continue reading “Strange Strike”