Russia and the Making of a Multipolar World

The G-8 summit is taking place at a fortuitous global moment when Russia and the United States are facing challenges of different natures. Russia is struggling to emerge as a superpower. In the pursuit of that objective, it is encountering a lot of problems. However, things are looking up for Russia, since the chaos of … Continue reading “Russia and the Making of a Multipolar World”

Terror’s New Faces

Iraq and Afghanistan have two new leaders, but the strategy of terrorism is the same that was so fanatically pursued by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. They are Egyptian-born Abu Ayyub al-Misri, who reportedly replaced Zarqawi in Iraq, and the second one is Mullah Dadullah Akhund, a one-legged guerrilla commander in southern Afghanistan [1]. He is determined … Continue reading “Terror’s New Faces”