Will the Arctic Become a Frontier of War or a Domain for Cooperation?

News of the hopeful Biden – Putin summit is a rare positive signal amidst an otherwise doom and gloom atmosphere as US-Russian relations have sunk to historic lows. Although not much is yet certain of the content or date of this potential meeting, what is known is that it will take place in one of … Continue reading “Will the Arctic Become a Frontier of War or a Domain for Cooperation?”

Is Ukraine Vital to US Security?

The ongoing impeachment inquiry of President Trump can certainly compete with Hollywood’s most successful drama or comedy shows. However, when we deal with national security issues one expects the actors, in this case members of Congress and witnesses, to tell the truth. In this case, some do, but some regrettably do not. The whole picture, … Continue reading “Is Ukraine Vital to US Security?”

Mr. President: Send Sam Nunn to Moscow

Nowadays it is hard for anyone much under the age of 50 to imagine, but once upon a time the threat of nuclear war and the prospect of planetary extinction were things people actually worried about. Backyard bomb shelters, duck and cover in the classroom, LBJ’s 1964 “Daisy” ad, apocalyptic books and films like On … Continue reading “Mr. President: Send Sam Nunn to Moscow”

What’s To Be Done About the Dire State of US-Russia Relations?

The way things between US and Russia are now going we are quickly approaching a repeat of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, which was a pivotal moment of the last century. Back then, both nations stood "eyeball to eyeball" in a way that could have resulted in the nuclear exchange, the deaths of 100 million … Continue reading “What’s To Be Done About the Dire State of US-Russia Relations?”