The American Empire Runs Through the Compact States

US officials are working to integrate the compact states more closely into the American empire in the Pacific Ocean. For the past year, US diplomats and military leaders have been advising the leaders of Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) that their countries are part of the US homeland, despite the fact that … Continue reading “The American Empire Runs Through the Compact States”

The Embalming of Syria

The Syrian civil war, which has been raging since 2011, is one of the worst tragedies of the early twenty-first century. Approximately half a million people have died, about six million people have fled the country, and another six million people remain internally displaced. Much of the country lies in ruins, perhaps never again to … Continue reading “The Embalming of Syria”

The US-Backed Drug War in Mexico Has Never Been Deadlier

The Trump administration is continuing to help the Mexican government wage a war on drugs despite a recent report that more than 33,000 Mexicans were killed in 2018, a new record. According to Mexico’s Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, there were 33,341 homicides in Mexico in 2018. The number of deaths broke the record … Continue reading “The US-Backed Drug War in Mexico Has Never Been Deadlier”

How the United States Kept Arms Flowing Into South Sudan

During the South Sudanese Civil War, which has claimed nearly 400,000 lives, the United States helped the main belligerent in the war continually acquire arms through Uganda, a close U.S. ally in the region. For years, the Ugandan government channeled arms, ammunition, and military aircraft to the regime of President Salva Kiir, according to multiple … Continue reading “How the United States Kept Arms Flowing Into South Sudan”

Visions of War and Wealth in the Middle East

At a recent security conference, a panel of current and former U.S. officials discussed the possibility of extending the U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan for years into the future and considered the potential to more effectively tap into the natural resources in both countries. The panelists said that the war in Afghanistan would … Continue reading “Visions of War and Wealth in the Middle East”

A Rare Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of the American Empire in the Middle East

In recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, four former US diplomats provided remarkably candid commentary on recent US involvement in the Middle East, revealing a number of the most closely guarded secrets of US diplomacy. The four former diplomats emphasized the importance of the region’s oil, spoke critically about the weaknesses of US … Continue reading “A Rare Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of the American Empire in the Middle East”

Killing Civilians in Iraq and Syria

The ongoing effort of the United States to eradicate the Islamic State by aggressively launching airstrikes against targets that include noncombatants is causing significant harm to civilians in Iraq and Syria. Estimates of civilian deaths from airstrikes range from the hundreds to the tens of thousands. Although the U.S. government says that it has killed … Continue reading “Killing Civilians in Iraq and Syria”

The United States of Permanent War

As the foreign policy establishment continues to grapple with the consequences of Trump’s election, U.S. officials can still agree on one thing. The United States is a nation that is waging a permanent war. In December 2016, President Obama reflected on the development in a speech that he delivered to US soldiers at MacDill Air … Continue reading “The United States of Permanent War”

The New Exterminatory Warfare

During its final years in office, the Obama administration has devised a new form of warfare with major implications for how the U.S. government confronts its enemies. With the ability to quickly locate and eliminate potential adversaries with little to no risk to US forces, the Obama administration has begun to eradicate some of its … Continue reading “The New Exterminatory Warfare”

North Korea’s Nuclear Ticket to Survival

In recent months, a number of U.S. officials have begun to reassess their understanding of why the North Korean government wants nuclear weapons. Rather than repeating the standard claim that the North Korean government is taking extreme measures to intimidate its enemies into making concessions, some officials have begun to suggest that the North Korean … Continue reading “North Korea’s Nuclear Ticket to Survival”