The Lingering Effects of Torture

Like many of the other inmates interrogated at Guantánamo Bay, Adeel’s personal nightmare did not end when he returned home. Today, in his native Pakistan, the sound of approaching footsteps or the sight of someone in a uniform can trigger bad memories and set off a panic attack. The former teacher and father of five … Continue reading “The Lingering Effects of Torture”

Egyptian Tourism Expected to Withstand Bombings

CAIRO – Bomb blasts at two holiday resorts in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula have sent shivers through the tourism industry, but tour operators expect the country’s biggest foreign currency earner to suffer only minor damage. "The attack was very contained and seemed to be focused in terms of its objective," Ramy el-Shawan, managing director of the … Continue reading “Egyptian Tourism Expected to Withstand Bombings”

Egypt’s Iron Fist: Crushing Terrorism, or Human Rights?

CAIRO – Brute force used in Egypt to contain terrorism has come at the expense of civil liberties, rights supporters say. "The government crushed the terrorists, but it also crushed the people," says Ahmed Osman, an Egyptian business owner. He claims he shaved his beard to avoid constant police harassment. Egypt, the most populous Arab … Continue reading “Egypt’s Iron Fist: Crushing Terrorism, or Human Rights?”

Egypt Eager to Help Israel Out of Gaza

CAIRO (IPS) – Egypt has presented a security initiative to support an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, but wants to avoid being drawn into a “security trap.” The initiative calls for a bilateral ceasefire agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis, and the resumption of negotiations aimed at implementing the stalled roadmap peace plan. Egypt … Continue reading “Egypt Eager to Help Israel Out of Gaza”