Nancy Pelosi Shouldn’t Have Visited Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi should not have visited Taiwan at this time. Contrary to other opinions, sometimes it’s best for American politicians to relieve themselves from the need to prove our strength. The international community, both enemies and allies alike, know how strong America is and what our military is capable of. During my time in the … Continue reading “Nancy Pelosi Shouldn’t Have Visited Taiwan”

19 Years Ago: The Start of Our Attack on Iraq

Last month marked the 19th anniversary of the creation of our government’s boastful "Shock and Awe" slogan, the term we used to start our attack on Iraq – an invasion that resulted in the killing of over one million Iraqis, by some estimates, and the death of over 4,000 American service members. Sadly, our justification … Continue reading “19 Years Ago: The Start of Our Attack on Iraq”