Washington’s Pointless War on Behalf of a Fake Nation

The messages are coming in loud and clear today – from the crashing pound, to repudiation of establishment governments in Italy, Sweden and more to come, to Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s call to end the Sanctions War and do so pronto. So let’s be clear: Washington’s dunderheaded intervention in the intramural spat between Russia and … Continue reading “Washington’s Pointless War on Behalf of a Fake Nation”

What In the Hell Was Washington Thinking?

What in the hell were those bloody-minded Washington/NATO neocons thinking? At any time in the last nine months they could have had a diplomatic settlement with Russia that would have: Avoided/ended the war in Ukraine, thereby saving tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives and hundreds of billion of economic cost and destruction; Allowed the Russian … Continue reading “What In the Hell Was Washington Thinking?”

Europe’s Coming Winter From Hell: Thanks for Your Sanctions War, Washington!

Europe’s impending depression is not to be discounted in terms of its relevance to this side of the Atlantic pond. Since the turn of the century, US exports to the European Union have soared from $12.3 billion per month to $30.4 billion. That latter amounts to $365 billion on an annual basis. Needless to say, … Continue reading “Europe’s Coming Winter From Hell: Thanks for Your Sanctions War, Washington!”

Nancy Pelosi’s Utterly Reckless Election-Season Gambit

We don’t know how it could have been any clearer than this warning from Chicom mouthpiece and ultra-hawk, Hu Xijin. Prior to America’s other senile leader putting herself in harms’ way by touching down in Taiwan today, Xijin let loose a volley of histrionics that left little doubt as to where Beijing stood: "If US … Continue reading “Nancy Pelosi’s Utterly Reckless Election-Season Gambit”

Washington’s Sanctions War Kneecaps the West, Not Russia

Washington’s cowardly proxy war against Russia reached a new level of absurdity over the weekend. To wit, the G-7 knuckleheads declared an embargo on imports of Russia-sourced gold and forced Russia into technical default on its foreign debts by forbidding US companies from collecting the payments which Russian debtors had deposited in their accounts at … Continue reading “Washington’s Sanctions War Kneecaps the West, Not Russia”

Perpetual Debt, Perpetual War

It’s always useful to visit the museum in order to offset the recency bias that distorts perceptions of current realities. In the great scheme of things, the picture below is admittedly not that ancient – from just 42 years ago. But it is nevertheless a museum piece because it pertains to a matter that has … Continue reading “Perpetual Debt, Perpetual War”

The Washington GOP: War-Besotted Sucklers on the Public Teat

What’s wrong with these people?! We are referring, of course, to Mitch McConnell & Co’s ostentatious visit to Kiev this weekend. With the sad-sack Senate Republican leadership in tow, the bejowled political hack who leads the ostensible "opposition" party provided still another unwarranted boost to the dangerous megalomaniac pictured at the center of the photo … Continue reading “The Washington GOP: War-Besotted Sucklers on the Public Teat”

Sleepy Joe’s $33 Billion Abomination

Donald Trump has been well relegated to the sidelines of America’s political debate, but the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) lives on, more virulent than ever. The latter is what’s behind Washington’s descent into the current mindless Ukraine war fever – an outbreak of irrationality that makes even the post-9/11 hysteria seem like an orderly discourse. … Continue reading “Sleepy Joe’s $33 Billion Abomination”

NATO Put Ukraine on the Path to Partition

(read part 1) The gist of our two-part series is this: Unlike Ford automobiles, Ukraine was not "Built to Last!" The current CIA director, William J Burns, actually recognized the eventual crackup of Ukraine back in 2008, when he served as U.S. ambassador to Russia. After Ukraine’s NATO aspirations were announced at that year’s Bucharest … Continue reading “NATO Put Ukraine on the Path to Partition”