US Meddling in Nigeria Going Overboard

In November 2008, when Barack Obama first took office, he was riding high on a wave of euphoria at his show-stopping promises. Beyond offering "change" and pledging universal healthcare, the most salient campaign point he made then revolved around scaling down the global military footprint of America aboard. But, seven years on, that promise has … Continue reading “US Meddling in Nigeria Going Overboard”

How the US Fuels Authoritarianism in the Horn of Africa

Gathering world leaders for a cause is seldom an easy task. Last month, Paris saw one of the biggest solidarity displays after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. The Paris events were so shocking internationally because they targeted one of the bastions necessary for any functioning democracy: freedom of expression. But while joining the #JeSuisCharlie march … Continue reading “How the US Fuels Authoritarianism in the Horn of Africa”