What Laila Sees

Kabul, Afghanistan – “We live in constant fear of suicide attacks,” said Laila, an Afghan woman who lives in Kandahar city and who visited with us yesterday. “When will the next one strike and where?” “Twelve days ago,” she continued, “a good friend was walking home from the mosque. A four-minute walk. An IED was … Continue reading “What Laila Sees”

Nothing Accidental About This Disaster

“The story today is going to be very discouraging to the American people. I understand that. We value life. And we weep and mourn when soldiers lose their life. And – but it is the long-term objective that is vital….” – George Bush, Jan. 26, 2005, referring to the deaths of 36 U.S. soldiers in … Continue reading “Nothing Accidental About This Disaster”

The Face of Terror

While conditions for most Iraqis continue to deteriorate, as the country slips even more deeply into an environmental and health crisis, George Bush and his supporters danced to country music on the evening of election day, celebrating the War President’s reelection. This image has haunted me over the last few weeks, as people in Fallujah … Continue reading “The Face of Terror”