Israel’s European Friends Get Active

BRUSSELS – The pro-Israel lobby is seeking to increase its influence among members of Europe’s parliaments by offering them an expenses-paid trip to the Middle East. Brochures circulated in several elected assemblies invite their representatives to take part in a visit to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, organized by the group European Friends of … Continue reading “Israel’s European Friends Get Active”

European Parliament Set to Approve Snooping Bill

BRUSSELS – Private information on innocent citizens will be handed over to U.S. law enforcement authorities under an agreement slated for approval by the European Parliament this week.In February, members of the Parliament (MEPs) rejected a plan to allow data on everyday bank transactions be given to the U.S., citing concerns over fundamental civil rights. … Continue reading “European Parliament Set to Approve Snooping Bill”

When the Police Have an Illegal Headquarters

BRUSSELS — Talks aimed at reaching an intelligence-sharing agreement between the European Union and Israel have skirted around the location of Israel’s national police headquarters in occupied East Jerusalem. In 2005, the EU decided that Europol, its law enforcement office, should negotiate a formal cooperation agreement with Israel. Although Europol stated last year that a … Continue reading “When the Police Have an Illegal Headquarters”

Flotilla Raid Fires Up Israel Lobby

BRUSSELS — Within three days of Israel’s attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Monday, the pro-Israel lobby in Brussels was already seeking to deflect attention from the killing of nine peace activists in international waters. The European Friends of Israel, a grouping of parliamentarians, issued a statement Jun 3, which made no reference to the … Continue reading “Flotilla Raid Fires Up Israel Lobby”

EU Selling Torture Equipment

BRUSSELS – Equipment designed for torturing prisoners is still being exported from European Union (EU) countries despite a four-year-old ban on such trade, according to a new report by Amnesty International. The human rights group has found that companies active in several of the EU’s 27 states have exploited loopholes in controls aimed at putting … Continue reading “EU Selling Torture Equipment”

Cluster Bombs May Disappear After Dublin Accord

DUBLIN – Cluster bombs should be outlawed in most of the world thanks to an agreement formally endorsed by over 100 governments in Dublin May 30. The accord, which prohibits the use of cluster bombs and requires the destruction of stockpiles retained in arsenals within eight years, was reached despite intense opposition from the US, … Continue reading “Cluster Bombs May Disappear After Dublin Accord”