Trump, the New York Times, and John Bolton

The New York Times on September 10 ran six articles with the word Trump in the headlines. Two of the stories were clearly warranted – one on Trump’s continuing resolve to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan, and one on the way the commerce department played along with Trump’s false message about the Alabama destination of … Continue reading “Trump, the New York Times, and John Bolton”

Martin Luther King’s Speech Against the Vietnam War

One of the greatest speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr., "A Time to Break Silence," was delivered at Riverside Church, New York City, on April 4, 1967. It is a statement against war in principle, in the same sense in which King’s "Letter from Birmingham City Jail," published four years earlier, had been a statement … Continue reading “Martin Luther King’s Speech Against the Vietnam War”

Are Educated Jingoes Honest?

The title comes from a chapter-heading of J.A. Hobson’s pamphlet The Psychology of Jingoism (1901). Some of its other chapter-headings are Credulity, Brutality, The Eclipse of Humour, and The Abuse of the Press. An indictment of the Boer War and of the press campaign that made it possible, The Psychology of Jingoism offers an impressive … Continue reading “Are Educated Jingoes Honest?”